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How Sociatty Works

Stop reinventing the wheel. Learn from somebody whose done it before.

A New Way to Learn

At Sociatty, we strive to help you find someone to talk to about topics you want or need to learn more about. Whether you need to practice your math skills, learn a new language, figure out what college is right for you, learn about religion, or more, you can find it here.

Stop Compromising on Learning

Learning is difficult as it is. You shouldn't have to compromise for invasive online forums or generic videos. With Sociatty, you can talk to people who have experience or specific knowledge about the topics you are interested in learning about.

How to Get Started

Find a Topic You Love

Search through our database to find a topic that you want to talk about.

Pick a Guide to Talk With

Once you find the right topic, look for the guide that you want to have a convo with.

Request in Two Steps

When you find the best guide and topic, easily request a convo with them.

Enjoy your Convo!

Once the guide approves, enjoy your convo. Your guide will talk and work with you on what you need.

Why People Choose Sociatty

Global Selection of Topics

We have a wide range of topics from all over the world with unique insights and details.

Guides who Know and Care

We have amazing guides who are kind, caring, informative, and specialized.

It's all Done for You

Everything involved with Sociatty is done through one system that notifies you and keeps you in the know.

Protection from Sociatty

If anything happens, Sociatty steps in and works to find the best solution for all parties.